What I spent money on this month and was it worth it? June Edition

Apart from recurring bills, rent and groceries (because they’re repetitive and boring), and gifts for family and friends (because that’s private and it’s mostly friends and family who read this blog), here’s a run down of everything I spent money on for the month of June, and a short reflection on whether it was worth

How I cured my shopping addiction

OK, ‘addiction’ may be a strong word, but that’s how it felt! I literally felt compelled to buy things. As though it was beyond my rational control. It was the FOMO effect, the ‘treat yo’self’ mantra, and the YOLO philosophy all rolled into one.  But really, it was consumerism. Why was I compelled to buy

Do you need private health insurance?

Having private health insurance in Australia is a pretty funny idea if you’re young and healthy, considering we have access to some of the best free public health care in the world. Thanks Medicare! Can we just take a moment to appreciate that we have FREE PUBLIC HEALTH CARE. Imagine if you lived in America!