Spending Vices: Skincare

My spending vice happens to be skincare products. It’s not that I spend extravagantly on skincare. More that I succumb to purchases in this category more easily and irrationally than in other spending categories. And I always regret it. I regret it because I already have the perfect skincare regime set up and the reality

What I spent money on this month and was it worth it? July Edition

Apart from recurring bills, rent and groceries (because they’re repetitive and boring), and gifts for family and friends (because that’s private and it’s mostly friends and family who read this blog), here’s a run down of everything I spent money on for the month of July, and a short reflection on whether it was worth

Our current Superannuation system is letting women down: here’s what you can do to keep up

As Pauline Taylor, in ‘How to be a super smart woman: new strategies for superannuation’, writes “women generally have less money [than men] but need to make it last longer”. This is because women on average will earn less than men in their lifetime, which means less Superannuation, and to make it worse “many women